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All the signs are that the governance of Britain is spiralling out of control: record trade and budget deficits; a swollen bureaucracy; an inadequate but costly education system; a government incapable of providing for our future energy needs; record emigration of native Britons, unprecedented levels of immigration; a mind-set putting the non-citizen ahead of the British citizen.

Britain Watch has been set up to highlight key examples of these trends and to promote practical reforms to reverse the incompetence and loss of national self belief they engender. All readers are invited to participate.

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Short News

New Constitution for the whole UK

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Stephen’s latest letter on the Scottish referendum, published in the Daily Telegraph on 9th September. You can find it on the stephenbush.net website, in the “Politics and Education” section, under the “British and English Identity” category.


Don’t miss

Stephen’s latest letter on Scottish Separation published in the September issue of the Professional Engineer.

Another IT Fiasco
As forecast in our post of 11th August, “The Conduct of Long-term Projects in Britain”, that more IT contract disasters were on the way, right on cue comes another revelation.  As with the Fujitsu contract for the NHS, the US company Raytheon, sacked by Mrs Teresa May in 2010 from the so-called e-borders project, has successfully gone to binding arbitration for the balance of their contract – £224 million which will be dumped on the hapless taxpayer.  This is on top of the £259 million already spent on the contract, signed in 2007, which wasn’t delivering. [more »]

Humanitarian Crisis in Northern Iraq
All the journalist attention is focussed on how the United States, and Britain, can relieve the terrible suffering being inflicted on the Yazidi people, and others, by the truly bestial “Islamic State (IS)” terrorists, who are much better organised and therefore much more of a threat to peace and stability than Al Qaeda for instance. As Stephen Bush has proposed in Britain Revitalised[1], abolishing the Department of International Development (cost in 2013 £10.5 billion) and assigning around £5 billion to the Ministry of Defence for an explicit disaster-relief role, additional to its primary war-fighting responsibility, would exactly meet the needs of humanitarian crises like the present one in Northern Iraq[2]. [more »]

Carbon Capture and Storage (2)
The dawning realisation that Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is impossible on any significant industrial scale which is made clear in various papers by Stephen Bush and David MacDonald (National Grid Consultation 2009, I.Chem.E. paper 2011) has claimed another victim for common sense.  The Swedish firm Vattenfall is discontinuing its research into CCS.  It has operated a 30 MW pilot plant at Schwarze Pumpe, a lignite-fuelled station in Germany which tackled CO2 separation – but not the more demanding storage of CO2 issue.


Help build a Union of Five Parliaments

Appeal to Scottish Voters on the 18th September

It is good to see prominent English MPs like John Redwood and Peter Bone speaking up recently for the principle of an English Parliament in the event that Scotland votes to stay in the United Kingdom tomorrow.

The 2012 paper “A new Constitution for all of the United Kingdom”, to be found on the Page “Change Concepts” under “British Constitution” on this website, sets out the economic and military realities of the UK and Scotland.  Only now in the last possible minutes are the realities being understood by the Cameron government.  The SNP and its leader ignore these realities and continue to bamboozle almost half the Scottish electorate with pie-in-the-sky fantasies about what he (Alex Salmond) will arrange for Scotland to have/do post-independence.

The realities would be that post-independence Scotland would:

  • not be a part of the United Kingdom for travel purposes;
  • not be a member of NATO for its defence;
  • not be a member of the EU for single market access;
  • not be able to count on the Queen’s being their Head of State[1];
  • not be part of a pound sterling currency union to guarantee its people’s savings;
  • not be allowed to carve up Britain’s armed forces, nor the contents of the National Gallery and British Museum in London;
  • not be able to force any British citizen, whether of Scottish origin or not, to adopt Scottish citizenship;
  • …[more»]