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All the signs are that the governance of Britain is spiralling out of control: record trade and budget deficits; a swollen bureaucracy; an inadequate but costly education system; a government incapable of providing for our future energy needs; record emigration of native Britons, unprecedented levels of immigration; a mind-set putting the non-citizen ahead of the British citizen.

Britain Watch has been set up to highlight key examples of these trends and to promote practical reforms to reverse the incompetence and loss of national self belief they engender. All readers are invited to participate.

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Short News

Decaying from the head down
“Civilizations, like fish, decay from the head down” is a familiar phrase which contains a profound truth. This is that if people don’t carry out at least their contracted duty, societies decay because people won’t trust each other to do what they are supposed to do, in law, by contract, or by long-established custom. While contemporary Western governance: legal, political and administrative, is replete with examples of top people not doing the jobs they are paid to do without fear or favour, the rot can start anywhere in the system where people have to make decisions affecting other people. [more »]

More Surrender
The news today (22nd June) that Thornton’s, the last remaining British chocolate maker of any size, is to be sold to the Italian company, Ferrero Rocher, is yet another example of the sell-off of British capital assets, while the financiers of the City stand by and do nothing. In a day or so the government and its tame economic supporters will doubtless be telling us that this is another example of “inward investment” when it is nothing of the sort – it is a sale of assets with no suggestion that the buyer will actually bring cash into the country to increase Thornton’s production, which is the only increase which counts. [more »]

Tristram Hunt's "Gordon Brown" moment
On Wednesday 15th April, Tristram Hunt[1], the Labour Party’s “shadow” Education Secretary, made a widely reported visit to Howitt Primary School at Heavor in Derbyshire, a village in the heart of English England.  In his “man of the people” avuncular fashion, Hunt asked a six-year-old how he would vote.  The little boy replied that he would vote UKIP.  On being asked why by Hunt, the child said he “wanted to get all the foreigners out” to which Hunt (unlike Gordon Brown in 2010) wisely said nothing, at least in public. [more »]

Not taking sides: ISIL
One of Britain’s major avoidable handicaps is its principal Broadcaster’s news and current affairs managers.  These people, producers mainly, are right at the heart of the egalo-left tendency which sees Britain as just a part (a small part usually) of the world, not intrinsically more worthy in their eyes than say Mongolia or Argentina. Even confronted with manifest evil and danger to our (their) country, they find it next to impossible to take our side. [more »]

Ukraine, Russia and the EU
When at Yalta in February 1945, Stalin insisted on the “Curzon line” being the eastern boundary of Poland, with Poland’s western boundary with Germany being shifted west by 150 miles to the Oder-Neisse line, his objective was to keep European powers, particularly Germany, as far away from Moscow as possible.  The subsequent establishment of communist governments in Eastern Europe were seen by the Russians as an enormous safety band of countries protecting the Soviet Union from western invasions, the distance from the eastern edge of newly formed NATO (in 1949) to Moscow being about 1,100 miles. [more »]


Preventing More Migrant Invasions

While the announcement this week of more fences at Calais is to be welcomed, as is the reduction, for the time being at least, in the numbers of migrants trying to break into Britain via the nearby Channel tunnel, the fundamental problem of the huge rises in actual and prospective African, East Asian, Middle East and Latin American populations is unaddressed.

As shown in Stephen Bush’s post of August 12th (Chaos at Calais) the combined population of the principal immigrant-sending countries in the above list of regions is now virtually six times the combined population of the principal immigrant-receiving countries, double the figure 50 years ago. Virtually all the would-be immigrants target the North European nations and their overseas descendant countries – what Bush describes as GSCs (Germanic speaking countries) and ABCANZ (America, Britain itself, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, sometimes collectively referred to as the Anglophone world). To underline the narrow focus of the immigrants’ target countries, it was announced, also this week, that the number of those landing on to the Greek islands from Turkey, without permits of any kind, reached 100,000 in July. Interviews broadcast on British and other countries’ TV networks made it unambiguously clear that their purpose was to reach the GS countries, especially Germany, and Britain, the latter being for some a stepping stone to the rest of ABCANZ. Germany has now forecast that the number of asylum seekers and illegal immigrants generally entering Germany is likely to reach the colossal total of 800,000 in the current calendar year.

Trains packed with non-fare paying passengers, overwhelmingly Muslim, mainly males, were shown trundling north from Greece through Macedonia into Serbia. Given that historic Muslim-Serbian antipathies have only been contained, not assuaged, this will be potentially a highly combustible situation if countries immediately to the north of Serbia – Croatia and Hungary, refuse to let people on the trains into their countries. Hungary has already announced the rebuilding of the communist-era Hungarian-Serbian-Croatian border fence, this time to keep people out rather than keeping them in. …[more»]